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Bs 6349 Part 4 Pdf Free [BEST]

This part of BS 6349 gives recommendations for the materials used in the design and construction of maritime environment structures, and includes specific provisions for use in a seawater environment.

Bs 6349 Part 4 Pdf Free

NOTE Materials used in these conditions are often subject to more onerous environmental conditions than onshore structures, and thus particular attention is paid to the use of durable materials to provide the required performance and design life.

(A) Tumor types across 86 patients. (B) Waterfall plot of all radiographic responses across 12 different tumor types at 20 weeks. Tumor responses were measured at regular intervals and values show the best fractional change of the sum of longest diameters (SLD) from the baseline measurements of each measurable tumor. (C) Confirmed radiographic objective responses at 20 weeks in blue compared to the best radiographic responses in the same patients in red. The mean time to the best radiographic response was 28 weeks. (D) Swimmer plot showing survival for each patient with mismatch repair deficient tumors, indicating death, progression and time off therapy. (E) Kaplan-Meier estimates of progression-free survival and (F) overall patient survival.

Radiographic responses, progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) estimates were measured using the Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (RECIST v1.1) guidelines. Patients were considered not evaluable if they did not undergo a 12-week scan due to clinical progression. The rate of disease control was defined as the percentage of patients who had a complete response, partial response, or stable disease for 12 weeks or more. NR, not reached.

Each Cummins Generator has a model/spec number description, which is shown on the serial number tag attached to the generator. Here is a representation of the tag on Onan QG 4000.Note the highlighted letter code, in this case P, which denotes the specification type of the particular generator, which can then be referred to as spec P.


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