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Where To Buy Redken Products

Redken products are sold in hair salons across the country. To locate a Redken product please enter your address or zip code into our salon finder to find a salon selling Redken products online. We recommend you call ahead when looking for a specific product.

where to buy redken products

Redken All Soft and All Soft Mega are two lines developed for normal to very dry hair. Formulated with omega-6 and enriched with argan oil, the products from this line are sure to nourish the hair making it silky soft and improving its manageability, suppleness and shine. Discover more / Buy

Redken Color Extend offers a complete care to protect and maintain the hair color. This line has products specifically developed for different hair colors to address the needs of different colors. Discover more / Buy

Redken Frizz Dismiss offers a collection of haircare products and treatments that provide humidity protection while soothing the hair. Suitable for all hair types, these products will tame flyaways while increasing the manageability and shine of the hair. Discover more / Buy

Redken Brews is a complete line developed for men. From shampoo and conditioner to hairstyling and grooming products, this line allows men to clean and care for hair and body. Discover more / Buy

With Redken styling products, you can achieve any look you imagine. Whether you're looking for a straight-and-sleek look, a boost of volume, or never-before-seen texture, you will find what you need here. Discover more / Buy

Redken hair care offers the perfect combination between fashion, science and inspiration with all their products. Redken hair products have a vast range for men and women. Browse each range to find the right hair care product for you. John And Ginger is an authorised Redken Online stockists, you can now buy from us at great prices with free skincare samples with your order. Their hair products are famous all over the world for their advanced formulas and style. Buy Redken products here with 100% confidence.

The professional hair care brand Redken was founded in New York City in the 1960s and has always worked with top-notch stylists to pair their product formulas with leading trends. High-quality hair care products adapted to the demands of your hair.

The basis of Redken products lies in three areas: Protein, pH, and professionals. Since hair is composed of protein, Redken uses protein technology to create quality products. They use an acidic pH which complements the natural pH of hair.

Frequent chemical services and style changes were routine for any aspiring actress of her day, but Paula was extra sensitive to many of the products used by the hairdressers and make-up artists. She felt continually frustrated that no one could explain why the products were irritating. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Paula realized that by working with professional hairdressers, she could help millions of other people who also want gentle, high-performance products.

Paula Kent and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding (thus the name "REDKEN"), began with three products and an intensive education program for hairdressers about the chemistry of hair and skin. The formulas were developed based on three principles:

Protein technology (since hair is composed primarily of protein), an acidic pH of 4.5-5.5, complementing the natural pH of the hair and skin. Products recommended exclusively by licensed cosmetologists in professional salons. By 1965, Paula had full ownership of Redken Laboratories based in California. During the '70s and '80s, the company was a leader in product technology in the US and abroad. In 1993, L'Oreal purchased Redken and now its eadquarters are on 5th Avenue NYC. Today, Redken is a global leader in professional hair care products and services. The company is energized with talented people, strong partnerships with the best hairdressers, and superior Research and Development. Redken products are now available in professional beauty salons in over 50 countries.

Of the three products, this one surprised me the most. I usually put a ridiculous, unnecessary amount of conditioner in my hair, but again, since this is a concentrate, I used far less than I normally do but noticed better results.

A leave-in product can absolutely make or break my entire haircare routine. I need to finish my hair routine with hydrating leave-in products, but more often than not, they weigh my straight hair down and leave it with absolutely no volume or body. I can tell whether or not I love one immediately after drying my hair, and knew off the bat that this was a winner.

About the brand: Redken was founded in 1960 by Paula Kent and chemist Jherri Redding, who developed the first low-pH products to treat Kent's sensitive hair. Since then, the brand's dedication to pioneering science has revolutionized the haircare industry for both stylists and consumers, and Redken products are now available in 43 countries worldwide.

When it comes to finding the right hair care products, it can be tricky to know where to start. With so many different brands and products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

Another potential downside of using Redken is that their products may not be readily available in your area. So if you live in a rural area or small town, it might be difficult (or even impossible) to find Redken products near you. In this case, it might be worth looking into online retailers like Amazon or Walmart, which typically have a wider selection of products than brick-and-mortar stores.

Redken Laboratories Inc. is a New York City-based subsidiary of France's L'Oréal S.A., the world's largest beauty products company. Redken serves the beauty salon market with hair care, color, texture, and styling products. Since 2004 the company also has offered men's hair care, styling, color, and skin products. Redken is known for its investment in research and development, credited with a number of innovations over the years, including the concept of protein reconditioning. It also has made a long-term commitment to education, teaching stylists both the scientific basis for Redken products and the way to use them aesthetically. The company's main training outlet is the Redken Exchange, located at 5th Avenue and 46th Street in the heart of Manhattan, a state-of-the-art facility where salon professionals are able to attend seminars and receive hands-on training. Redken also conducts seminars elsewhere and makes educational resources available online.

The woman behind the idea for Redken was Paula Kent. Born in West Los Angeles, California, in 1931, she grew up in Burbank, where her father worked as an accountant for the Fox Film Corporation. A high school dropout, Kent had aspirations of becoming an actress. In the 1950s she auditioned for television commercials and acting roles, requiring that she often change her hairstyle, but she developed a strong allergic reaction to some of the chemicals used in hair sprays. Because the government did not yet require that the ingredients be listed on the canister, she had no idea what was causing the irritation to her scalp. She turned to someone who might know, the husband of a friend, beauty salon owner Jheri Redding, who had launched his own company to produce hair care products.

Redding was born Robert William Redding in 1907 on an Illinois farm. As a young man during the Great Depression of the 1930s he saw little opportunity working as a farmer but noticed that hairdressers seemed to be doing quite well. Thus he became one of the first licensed cosmetologists in Illinois. Something of a frustrated chemist, he was soon playing with chemicals to develop his own shampoos and rinses. He also looked for a distinctive name to help market himself, eventually coining the name Jheri. He moved to Los Angeles after World War II, opened a salon, and taught hairstyling. In 1956 he launched the Jheri Redding Products Company to market to salons a cream rinse he developed. The product was the result of his assumption that hair was made of protein, a fact not yet established, and that damaged hair could be reconstructed and repaired through the use of protein in a rinse. Redding had partners who took care of marketing and distribution but by the end of the 1950s they grew apart and he was receptive to forming a new company with Kent to develop hair care products that were less irritating to the skin.

The 29-year-old Kent, whose acting career peaked when she played a hat check girl on the television series 77 Sunset Strip, was ready for a career change. With $3,800 she received from work on a Hamms Beer television commercial, she invested with Redding to form Redken Laboratories Inc. in 1960. The Redken name came from "red" for Redding and "Ken" for Kent. The company took what it said was a scientific approach to creating beauty products, starting with the belief that hair was primarily composed of protein. Furthermore, they believed hair was acidic in its chemistry and keeping it from becoming alkaline prevented damage. Redken would also list the ingredients contained in the products it sold. The company's marketing approach was to sell to salons and to provide special training programs to teach stylists about the products.

Kent put her training as an actress to good use in educating salon owners and stylists, and Redding had the knack of a medicine show man in promoting the products. Robert Oppenheim, a former executive with Clairol and Revlon, told the New York Times that whether shampoo was a little on the acid side or alkaline side made no difference from a chemical point of view, but "the point was that Jheri Redding thought it was and he sold that and it sold his products. The salon owners all loved him. He would hold up litmus paper and dip it into his product and it would come up golden," indicating mild acidity, "and then he would put the litmus paper in a grocery store shampoo and it would come up black. What difference did it make if it had no meaning? It was a great demonstration with a lot of seemingly scientific babble and it was something that a hairdresser without a chemist's training could talk about to customers." 041b061a72


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