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Little Witch Academia Art Book Download [Extra Quality]

After sneaking through the labyrinth, Akko ask Hannah why the key wasn't present when she came into the room originally, to which Hanna stated that Pollux might have needed the key to open up the door by himself. Now that the key is found, Hannah said that they should summon Pollux as soon as possible; and no longer has a night left. Akko reluctantly agree, but soon comes to a realization; although getting the key made things much easier for Akko, she's the only one capable of doing it because of her role as the Ghost Witch. She told everybody that they'll first needed to open up a door to get into Pollux's dimension, but Hannah still insisted that Akko is going to summon him first. Although Akko disagreed and insisted the other witch is the best qualified to do that, Hannah instead leave Akko at the headmistress's office with a warning not to touch the keys. Seemingly for the first time in Akko's life, she's without her cell phone, laptop, or even her debit card, depending on whom Akko asked for credit. Hoping to catch up with Hannah by now, Akko explored the Headmistress' office and climbed the ladder, finding nothing but a black door. Stating that she's not sure what she was looking for, Akko did a deep dive into the room before coming up with the conclusion that she'd have been able to guess that one of them is a key because she's able to feel the magic of Horologium Chamber, which is why she was so confident. Her memory of how Hannah got into the room came back to her, prompting Akko to run into the hallway and retrieve her cell phone.

little witch academia art book download

Slamming the door closed, Akko noticed the realization came because she underestimated how much the other witch is worried about her, and that this had never happened before. Unable to feel the door's magic, Akko couldn't come up with a way to open it, prompting her to try to search the building on the way back to Hannah. After searching the building without success, Akko eventually ended up at the Headmistress' office where she discovered that the key is, in fact, one of the keyless door with the heads of each witch carved into it. By running the key through the door, Akko was able to open it and got to a door that leads to the school's 3rd region, Ancient Magic.


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