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Manorama Six Feet Under Hindi Download

Abhay Deols character is the hero, and he is even a cop. What makes the film particularly interesting is when he turns a suspect, who is wrongfully accused of a crime, into a sympathetic character, and when he himself starts searching for the real culprit. Abhay Deols character is a rather ambitious, yet naive cop, and his journey across his personal life is one of a budding writer. Deols is also a good actor, which makes his scenes with Raima Sen a treat to watch. The public and media are always quick to point out Raima Sen's under written character in many of her movies. But her character in Manorama Six Feet Under is actually far more nuanced, and its an example of how a character who was likely to be reduced to a linear mental illness, is shown to have something to bring to the fore.

Manorama Six Feet Under hindi download

Well, the film was adapted from the great novel Manorama by Shesh Nihals Kapoor, which itself has been adapted for the screen before. However, Nihals Kapoor had written it as a semi-urban novel. The film was never released in North America, so no one knows how the adaptation went. However, the success of the film and the reason for its under performing is because the novel was made for the times when middle class society was not only rural, but also multiple other social strata were slowly emerging. The novel deals with the transition from a feudalistic to a middle class society. Its complicated characters and sweeping story are a perfect reflection of the socio-political scenario. Abhay Deol plays a writer with a self-centered and completely inadequate moral code. His upper middle class wife, played by Raima Sen, is clever and not just a wannabe writer. She is a character, who has successfully crossed through different strata of society, which not only adds to the verisimilitude of her character, but makes her a complex, rather than a one-dimensional character. Satyaveer is a despotic, yet deep down honest cop, who is forced to prostitute himself to the political powers that be in order to protect his family. He is then forced to make a deal with his own father, a retired cop. Last but not the least is his wayward son, who is a little more than just a whimp (I have no clue if the son in the novel is of the same name, but this Is what I remember). He is also a writer and had gotten caught in the middle of all this (of course, all this adds to the plot of the novel, or should I say to its unfolding, which is a very interesting, unstructured narrative). This last one is the character that impressed me the most, and is the reason why I see similarities in my own life.


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